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F.U.N. E-Liquid

Cannoli 60ML By F.U.N. E-Liquid


Cannoli 60ML By F.U.N. E-Liquid

Holy cannoli! How many people heard that phrase before they knew what a “cannoli” even was? Unless you were raised on Italian food (or had a relative that was very handy and experimental in the kitchen), “cannoli” was just a fun word to pair with “holy.” Rhymes are always fun; but in this case, you will probably be saying “Holy cannoli!” as soon as you get a taste of the real treat. Most Italian restaurants have cannoli on the dessert menu. It’s a traditional Italian treat, made by creating a tube of fried dough, then filling it with sweet, creamy filling. Ricotta is usually included as part of the inside; but there are a lot of varieties of filling—you can add fruit, chocolate, or a whole variation of flavors and textures. The only problem is that, like all fried foods, there are a lot of calories in a cannoli; and, since they’re usually relatively small, before you know it you’ve eaten six of them. But they taste so good! What’s a dessert-loving person to do? Why, enjoy the Cannoli e-juice, created by F.U.N., of course! This scrumptious blend includes the savory taste of dough, deep-fried to perfection, combined with the creamy, sweet filling. It’s a relatively simple flavor combination, but don’t be fooled; this blend is just as rich and full of taste as any other e-juice you’ll come across! No need to limit yourself, or worry about overindulging; just sit back and enjoy! This dessert vape is perfect for any moment of the day, too—driving in your car, drinking your morning coffee, or sitting on the couch while you unwind from a long day. With a hit from Cannoli, you’ll be getting a smooth, easy vape with minimal throat hit; enjoy the extreme flavor and big cloud production, all in this marvelous e-juice.

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