Introduction To Daddy's Vapor

April 23, 2018

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Daddy's Vapor is an outstanding e-liquid / e-juice manufacturing, distribution, and marketing company based in sunny Southern Cali. We're at the forefront of the vape industry. Leading in the excellence of our vape flavors, brand development, and social media execution. Our award winning e-liquids are distributed and sold worldwide, with flavor profiles for every vaper, including fruit, candy, dessert, cereal, and even tobacco. Groundbreaking vision allows for us to progress constantly, paving the way for the growing international vape market as the top source for premium e-liquid brands at the greatest prices! We strive to think of our consumers needs and what products will best serve their interests. Our best selling and world renowned e-liquid brand, Lemon Twist E-Liquid, aims to fill in the gap between us and the consumer and bring us even closer with these sweet citrusy e-juice flavors unlike anything you have tasted before. Our unique lemony extract used in Lemon Twist E-Liquid will make you want to tell your friends and family members about it for days to come. To join into this twisted ride use the coupon code: TWISTED15 on any of our vape e-juice flavors in the Lemon Twist E-Liquid Brand. Valid from now until May 23rd, 2018. Make sure to stay tuned to find out more about our upcoming e-liquid brands and e-juice flavor profiles in the near future. Thank you for giving us your time to check out our online vape shop.

Thanks From The Daddy's Vapor Team.